Babies are like blossoms, beautiful flowers in the garden of life that need proper attention and nourishment. Cuddles believes, mother’s milk is best for babies.


Just after the good news of your pregnancy, you need to take every step carefully. This is called prenatal stage where a healthy lifestyle should be maintained to ensure a safe easy and healthy birth. This means regular getting check-ups from your doctor, obtaining necessary information regarding biological and physiological changes you will face and taking proper nutrition and vitamin supplements. Seek proper guidelines from your doctor, act promptly, and do not compromise on your health issues.


Make the most out of this period of babyhood. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world to have your baby in your arms. Take it easy, do not panic on little things and just enjoy every moment to make your baby strong.


Cuddles research concludes mother’s milk is the optimum nourishment which helps boost up the baby’s immune system more efficiently and fight against the viruses. Not only this, it reduces the chance of breast cancer in mother and prevent from various diseases such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, spinal meningitis, diabetes (type 1) and fends off obesity to some extent as well.
Some studies state that the fatty acids in breast milk raises the IQ level and work as brain booster in the baby.


After the delivery, the caring period does not end and it is now the time where you have to prepare yourself for postpartum care in which hormonal changes occur rapidly and you’ll face mood swings, sleepless nights, headaches and panic attacks. But do not panic, this should lasts six to eight weeks. All you have to do is to stay strong, healthy and give yourself some time to recover as if you stand actively, your baby grow healthy.



During pregnancy and after the delivery, your diet must count good nutrients for a healthy balance. Eat fiber-containing fruits and vegetables as it prevents many issues and helps move everything through the large intestine. Also, fruits and vegetables consist of numerous proteins and vitamins, which is very essential for healthy growth of the baby. Folic acid is also good to consume.
Make a do’s and don’ts list of your meal. Never diet during this phase to lose your weight as it can cause hazardous results. Eat healthy for the healthy progress of your baby.



The most soothing part is yet to come. Massage, oh yes! Babies love to get a massage if done properly as the body parts are too delicate. Proper way of massaging your baby with your fingers, makes their body stronger, and tighten it up. Please make sure your nails are trimmed to avoid hurting the baby. Set a relaxing environment; lay a mat, a cushion, some toys, and oil. Try to massage where sunlight has some reach, as it is good for the baby since sunlight is an essential source of vitamin D. Use your palm and fingers, gently rub all the body parts, and have a pleasant time with your little loved one.