What benefits Cuddles are offering?
Cuddles bringing up BPA free materials and anti-colic system which averts the air to be mixed with the baby feed and helps decrease colic. Its ultra-light design, closer to nature shape of nipples made with silicone avoid the gas insertion. A positive flow maintained with the pace of baby’s feed creating a comfort zone.
Should I sterilize Cuddles bottles?
Yes of course. To avoid the germs and diseases from babies as their immune system are quite sensitive so it is necessary to sterilize the bottles after each use. Cuddles bottles are easily sterilized and also can be washed using kitchen detergents along with a sponge.
Why wide neck bottles?
Regarding to shape, size and everything Cuddles will not disspoint you at any cost as baby’s hygiene and care is our first priority. Cuddles choose wide neck as it is similar to mother’s feed and mostly mothers prefer it because of its broader base and is satisfying for babies as well.
What material do you use to make bottles?
The cap, screw and bottle are made of polypropylene plastic and the nipple is manufactured with silicone.