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Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding is a natural process and every mom manages with so many difficulties going on after delivery to feed her baby however sometimes it takes 3 to 4 days to produce early milk called as colostrum, an essential source for baby’s protection from diseases. New moms become clueless or confused during this phase, which is normal, and here we bring some tips that may help you.

Observe the baby’s need

Make feasible approx time to feed your baby rather than to wait when the baby cries. Feed around 10 to 12 times in 24 hours or as per baby’s hunger need, also they are good at throwing signals like headbanging, crying, sucking hands or fingers, or putting up anything in the mouth.

Be Patient, act calmly

You will face some breastfeeding challenges that may absorb your level of patience and magnifies you towards resentment but this will only create situation fussier so it’s better to put yourself at ease rooting out the cause to be treated early. This will help to breastfeed more comfortably.

Notice the signs for Healthy Breastfeeding

During the breastfeeding phase, look for the signs that satisfy you from all corners. While feeding, baby eagerly sucks that make breast swell sometimes, as he releases nipple it gets back to its position normally. Check the diapers should be wet while he is breastfeeding during the first few weeks with six to eight bowel movements and gradually the number gets less. Don’t weigh your baby after every feed or in alternate days, this would bring only mind stress, better to have a monthly pediatric check-up.

Make Comfort Zone with your Baby

Breastfeeding develops an affectionate bonding with a baby. Don’t hurry while feeding, settle down in a comfortable position, carry in your arm where you can sit with back support or lie down to the side where baby can easily face you. It takes sufficient time to feed, if it happens in an uneasy manner then it will make baby disturbed as well as lead to body pain in mother.

Take Care of Yourself

Moms need to have good care to provide healthy breastfeeding. For the production of a good amount of milk, you must drink lots of water. A water bottle should be with you every time. Also, help your breast skin to air out in order to relax nipples after feeding, apply doctor’s recommended moisturizer to avoid any irritation. Pat dry your breast smoothly after feeding and do not over wash.

How to attract baby towards food

Babies are innocent creature, moms need to care from every aspect but sometimes it is difficult to convince on the things, which is essential for them. Food is a basic desire for their healthy nourishment, however, every baby differs from another and so their taste. Let’s learn some tips to attract your baby to the food they don’t like but have a salubrious impact.

Health is wealth

Every mom strives to make her baby grow in a healthy manner. Health is really a great wealth to be thankful for every time. The early stages when your baby turns on solid eating, it is good to have homemade food than readymade from stores. Homemade foods are free from preservatives and chemicals, which is awful for the baby’s immune system. Try to develop yummy flavors in a meal to attract the baby’s taste buds.

Create an environment

When the baby’s food is ready, do not rush, or panic towards him/her forcing to eat. Set a proper environment observing the comfort zone of your child with toys in surroundings and their favorite cartoons or poems on TV. Let them settle and here you go.

Be baby to your baby

You cannot drive your child on your words or force. This will make them stubborn and impolite. Try to fit yourself in the baby’s behavior, talk them in their tone, act childishly, and create food games and play. Make their food a fun activity it will fascinate them more.

Buy attractive utensils

Colorful stuff is always an eye-catching for children. It mesmerizes all the attention of a baby, therefore; you must buy some attractive utensils to indulge your baby eating food. Make meals presentable and appealing for toddlers, give shape to food, and bring change after some time so they will not get bored.


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