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How to Introduce Your Little One to Feeding Bottles

Introducing a feeding bottle to your baby can be complicated most of the time. If the baby is switching from breastfeeding to bottle.

Here we will discuss some points which mothers should focus on while buying a feeding bottle that helps your baby to switch to a feeding bottle.

  • For baby’s hygiene, BPA free bottles are a healthy choice to stay away from harsh chemicals that spoil a child’s growth. Now whether you add breast milk in the bottle or formula one, this BPA free bottle will always be a safer option.
  • Colic is a common issue that creates a fuss in babies, crying due to pain in the stomach. Always look for an anti-colic bottle that ceases to develop air pressure in the stomach and keeps baby in comfort. Need this type of bottle? Then visit The natural shape nipple is an important feature because the baby expects a breastfeed so a nipple must have closer to nature design that helps the baby to latch on comfortably. Cuddles has precision fit, silicone made and wide neck natural shape nipples that are easy to latch on.

Practice Smoothly 

When you start introducing a bottle to your child make sure it takes some time to settle down. Do not force, this will only frustrate them and they will less likely to feed. See when your baby is hungry then calmly attempt or let somebody else try it because the babies sense the warmth of their mother so they will look forward to breastfeeding. The position also counts as babies are used to it, so copy the same posture to satisfy them.


Quality Bottle

Keeping in mind all the hygienic calibers, Cuddles introduced the feeding range meeting all the standards of high-quality material and is certified by SGS. Cuddles feeding bottles providing features of BPA free, anti-colic system, natural shape and silicone made nipple. We ensure you to pledge the best product quality as baby’s sanitation is our foremost concern.


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