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How to clean your Baby’s Feeding Bottle

Cleaning is a significant factor when you are choosing a feeding bottle for your baby. Always check the qualities and material of the bottle before purchasing it. The bottle must be BPA free and anti-colic to satisfy that your baby is not consuming harmful chemicals. Cuddles feeding bottles are standing proudly to satisfy its customers at its best.

How to clean Bottles

Whenever you buy a bottle always wash and sterilize before using it. Washing a bottle has different ways and every method demands to disassemble all the pieces of the bottle to clean up the dried sticky milk from each corner to rinse off bacteria. Using specific tools like a bottle brush and nipple cleaning brush minimize your efforts to implement easily but these items should also be cleaned and not used for any other utensils.

Dishwasher Cleaning

For a fine wash keep all the components of the bottle on the top rack of the dishwasher which helps in cleaning in a better way. To keep the bottle pieces in one place, you can also buy a dishwasher basket.

Cleaning by Hands

Wash bottle with clean hands and make a dish soap solution with hot water in a sink then put all the items of bottles scrubbing each piece with the brushes to decontaminate the dried milk. Cleanse the bottles with tap water properly and dry out by placing it on a rack. Make sure to check the residue if left in the bottom.

Sterilizing a Feeding bottle 

Sterilization is essential to disinfect the bottle and safe baby from bacteria.

Boiling: It’s a common method to place bottles in boiling water for about 10 to 15 minutes. Use a catcher to take out the bottles after it is sterilized.

Electric Steaming: Modern era has advanced ways to steam in a quite easy way of saving the time and energy of moms. Putting all the pieces of the bottle in a steaming container with water and microwave it. There are different types of electronic devices making life easier.

Organize All

Make a space in your pantry and keep all the bottles, brushes and other bottle stuff in a cool dry place and organize everything properly. This separate area for bottle items will help you to approach with no trouble.



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