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How to attract baby towards food? | Baby Feeding Bottles

Babies are innocent creature, moms need to care from every aspect but sometimes it is difficult to convince on the things, which is essential for them. Food is a basic desire for their healthy nourishment, however, every baby differs from another and so their taste. Let’s learn some tips to attract your baby to the … Continue reading How to attract baby towards food? | Baby Feeding Bottles

Care for your Dear

Baby Feeding Bottles | Cuddles Pakistan

After the birth of a baby, every mom makes efforts persistently for his/her healthy growth and care. No matter how exhausted you are of being sleepless and workaholic 24/7, a baby’s smile wipes it all off for at least some time. We are bringing you some tips to help you sit calmly in the long run.

Hold this Moment:

A happy smile, cherishing laugh, glowing innocent face, cute acts, and beautiful changes turn out the best when you enjoy these moments with your little loved one. Work will never end but moments like these do. This also counts in baby’s care on how much you occupied the time for your baby as he/she needs attention to respond and this helps in developing the senses more efficiently.

Food on Mood:

Starting months are a bit difficult to tackle baby on different aspects and one of them is to make them settled on a portion of food which is good for his/her health. Babies are moody and mostly choose the junk meal like chips, biscuits, baleful juices filled up with chemicals only. Do not harm your child with these salubrious foods, cook a healthy meal at home, and develop their taste buds to have vigorous growth.

Say No to Touch:

This is something most parents neglect or ignore while handing their baby to any one’s hand and letting them touch and kiss on their faces. A big no to this. You are putting your child at risk. It might seem awkward to you but do not permit anyone to kiss your baby as they have sensitive skin can be affected by noxious lips and hand full of germs. Try to forbid with smiling face so it will not look rude.

Hygiene is important:

All going well when hygiene is on the monitor. The above-mentioned points come under this heading too. Create a clean fly’s free atmosphere, change the diaper after every 3 to 4 hours to avoid rashes. Trim nails and keep your child away from baby powders and lotions. It contains chemicals and has no benefits other than fragrance which every baby possesses naturally. Sterilize the feeders every time. Use good stuff for the baby’s safety.

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Parenthood – Cuddles Pakistan | Baby Feeding Bottles

The charm of parenting is out of the world. Pleasant feelings, full of hearty emotions and beautiful changes in life carry an exquisite relationship, which is incomparable. Here are some tips below on how to deal with everything.

Memorable Phase:

The moment you become parent, new challenges welcome you with some exciting tasks to get you weary yet fun moments that you will cherish when your baby steps towards young stage. Enjoy this period; do not be too busy to ignore this beautiful phase of your life. Spent some happy time with your baby, this will refresh you for sure.


Routine Setup:

Although the routine setup is very disturbed after the baby especially for moms but moms, need to take out some time for them to work actively. Adopt your baby’s routine and work accordingly. Things will go better when you have proper energy to tackle everything including your house chores.


Eat proper meal:

Do not comprise on your health as your baby depends on you. What you eat affects your baby through breastfeeding. So, eat good healthy food to nourish your baby and energize yourself too.


Assemble your stuff:

Keep organizing your stuff to stay away from hassles. Separate baby’s stuff and spot points of different items like socks, dresses, skin care stuff, bathing clothes etc. This will help you to remind at the time of your need.